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Executive Headteacher: Mrs Naomi Philp

Head of School: Mrs Alison Blackmore

SENCO: Mrs Alison Blackmore

SEND Governor: Mrs Frances Nicholson

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Alison Blackmore

Safeguarding Governor: Rev. Ann Gibbs



All of the above may be contacted via the school office.

Telephone: 01643 841 462                                           Email:

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SEND Policies


All staff at Cutcombe CE VA First School are committed to providing the best learning opportunities for all children.  We are an inclusive school, working with Parents and a range of professionals to ensure the best education for all. "Live, Love and Learn".


Please see below our key SEN documents and information.

More advice and support can be found on the Somerset Choices website


Who do I see if I am worried?


  1. Speak to your child's class teacher.
  2. If you are still concerned you can make an appointment to meet with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo).
  3. If you feel matters are still not resolved you can seek an appointment with the Headteacher to discuss your concerns.


Who might work with my Child?


A range of outside professionals are available to support the school in providing the best opportunities for every child experiencing difficulties.

Communication and Interaction

  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Language and Communication Advisors
  • Autism Spectrum Advisors

Cognition and Learning

  • Educational Psychologist
  • Learning Support Service

Social, Mental and Emotional Health

  • Parent and Family Support Advisors
  • Children and Menal Health Service (CAMHS)
  • Social and Emotional Advisory Service

Sensory and/or Physical

  • Physical Impairment and Medical Support
  • Hearing Impairment Service
  • Visual Impairment Service
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapist

Further support


You can also access support from our Parent and Family Support Advisor, Brandon Calaz 07775 027389, or our Emotional Health Worker, Kari King 07985 496329.

They can support and advise you in a wide range of situations and hold regular informal drop-ins at either school.


SEN Statement of Local Offer


Support for your child at Cutcombe CE VA First School

SEN Local Offer Parents' Information


1. How do I know if my child needs extra help?

All children at Cutcombe CE VA First School are monitored closely by their class teachers.  If the class teacher has any concerns about the progress or attainment of a child, they will be discussed with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo).  Specific assessments may be conducted to identify any difficulties in more detail, and if necessary with parents' consent a referral to external agencies.  If parents have any concerns they should see the class teacher in the first instance.  Teaches are available at the end of the day for brief discussions, or an appointment can be made if a more detailed discussion is needed.


2. How will School support my child?

Your child's education will be overseen by their class teacher.  They may work with colleagues, teaching assistants of external advisors.  They will deliver specific programmes and differentiated class content.  This will be explained to parents by class teachers, but further support and clarification can be sought through the SENCo.


3. How will the curriculum be matched to my child's needs?

All class work is differentiated to match the needs of individual learners.  Observation, marking and assessment inform planning on a day-to-day basis to ensure all work is accurately matched to the needs of all children.  The learning environment, including the heated swimming pools and gardens at both schools, provide all children with a range of opportunities to support their individual learning requirements.


4. How will I know how my child is doing?

Parents' Evenings are held in the autumn and summer terms, together with annual reports.  In addition to this, children with higher level needs or in receipt of an Education Health Care Plan will have an Annual Review meeting to inform and plan for next steps.  Home School Contact books may be used.


5. What support will there be for my child's overall wellbeing?

In addition to support received for academic subjects, there is a range of pastoral support available.  This may include alternative lunch time provision, an adult supporting a small group of children or opportunities for a child to talk and work with a member of support staff to talk over any concerns or anxieties.  We also have a Parent and Family Support Advisor (PFSA) and Emotional Health Worker (EHW) who can work with children and families.  Specific plans and support will be put into place for children experiencing social or emotional difficulties and those needing medical support or intimate care.


6. How accessible is the School environment?

The school has wide doors and corridors.  Cutcombe is all on one floor and easily wheelchair accessible.  Changing and disabled toilet facilities are available.

All children have the right to access class trips wherever it is safe for them to do so.  For those with additional needs, alternative provision can be made, for example, additional adult support, alternative transport arrangements, or individual arrangements for the administration of medicines.


7. How will the School support my child's transitions to new settings?

Prior to starting in Reception, children identified as having Special Educational Needs will have a School Entry Planning Meeting.  This will be attended by parents, pre-school staff, school staff and any external professionals involved in supporting your child.  This meeting plans how all concerned can make the transition to school as smooth and easy as possible.  For children with medical needs, this will include identifying staff training needs to ensure your child's needs are fully met and any potential difficulties identified and solved.

For Year 4 pupils with additional needs a close programme of transition is planned between our SENCo and the SENCo of the Middle School.  Additional visits can be organised within school time, supported by school staff and additional resources made.  These might include a transition book with photos to ensure your child is familiar with the people and places they will come across.


Please note: our SEN Local Offer - Parents' Information above is also available as a tri-fold leaflet to print out