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What is Dyspraxia?


Dyspraxia is a form of development coordination disorder (DCD) affecting fine and/or gross motor coordination in children and adults.  It may also affect speech.


A person with dyspraxia may:

  • have difficulty with handwriting
  • have difficulties with dressing and fastening
  • have difficulties with cutlery
  • have difficulties walking a straight line
  • bump into people
  • have poor attention span and fidget
  • struggle to concentrate
  • become tired easily
  • become stress and anxious easily
  • having difficulties kicking and catching a ball
  • have difficulties understanding 'in', 'on'. 'in front'
  • struggle with organisation
  • struggle to remember or follow instructions
  • struggle to explain/answer a question
  • be immature in story telling
  • struggle with sudden changes
  • struggle to understand feelings of others
  • lacks self confidence/low self-esteem


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