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We are currently reviewing our Curriculum and look forward to sharing with you as soon as possible.  In the meantime if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school office on 01643 841 462.


In all areas of the curriculum, we aim to engage, motivate and stretch each child.  We do this by providing stimulating lessons that are purposeful, enjoyable and responsive to each child.  Whenever possible, the children are active in their learning and we aim to give a wide range of real experiences to broaden the children’s thinking.

Sharing ideas is a core part of the learning process for all ages and the children are involved in questioning, explaining their observations and discussions with their peers and teachers.  We encourage our pupils to use their imaginations and to ‘have a go’.  We believe that being self-reliant and flexible in their thinking will be a lifelong asset. 


Topics for the Summer term include:

Judaism, including making comparisons with Christianity 

Food chains


Thursday 13th June - Class 2 enjoyed a wonderful day with local poet, Mr Jelley.  Below are some of the poems written today.


I wouldn’t 

I wouldn't kiss a stinging nettles' petal

I wouldn't drink from the bubbling muddy stream

I wouldn't eat the prancing dancing foxglove

I wouldn't sleep upon a prickly bed of brambles

Nor lick the foot of the spiral hypnotising snail

But I would stick goose grass to your tail

And shake the damp rain soaked branches

So the drips will fall down your smooth neck



The Foxgloves Brutal Beauty

The deadly but beautiful foxglove

Swirling in a whirlwind

I wouldn't kiss a foxgloves purple glove

I wouldn't savage a nettles' poisonous petal

But the hoarding beetle chomps heartily on through the sting


The bonker-conker coloured snail with pre-licked chocolate shell

And bright slimy foot, on doc top sits

With shell like a twisted up walking stick


Rain making the leaves dance

Water angry flushes 

Pigeons cabbage cough

The downward heart wrenching flow of the slipping sliding traversing bedrock river steps

Skitting through the muddy water

Down the tunnel of trees, we flow

Class 2 Poetry Walk June 2019

Class 2 Poetry Walk June 2019 1
Class 2 Poetry Walk June 2019 2
Class 2 Poetry Walk June 2019 3
Class 2 Poetry Walk June 2019 4
Class 2 Poetry Walk June 2019 5

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