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Since September 2019 Maths has been taught using the White Rose Scheme of Learning as agreed by all the Moorland Federation schools. This supports the mastery approach of teaching and learning. A large proportion of time is spent reinforcing number to build competency. Year groups develop a deeper understanding of key concepts due to each strand of maths being taught as a block before being moved on to the next strand of learning.




All classes teach fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills to all abilities of children.

Less able children are supported by additional small group intervention work or 1:1 support. Children with SEN who are engaged in subject-specific study for maths, work on the pre-key stage standards allowing progress to be measured in smaller, more individualised steps.

More able children are challenged by increasingly complex problem solving and reasoning work to deepen understanding. Children exceeding the end of year expectations are able to demonstrate understanding at greater depth.


All teachers successfully differentiate each objective using concrete apparatus, pictorial or abstract methods allowing all children to access the National Curriculum.